Sneak peek: colored calendar


I plan to publish next week the script to include HTML in SharePoint calendars. I am giving myself another week to clean up the code and complete the validation.

Update [11/16/2008]: the script is now available here.

As an example, the above picture is a month view of the printable progress bars (the date for each task is the due date).

If you are already using the “HTML calculated column” and have a test list, I’ll be happy to send you the code for testing purposes. Feel free to contact me by e-mail at


Update [same day]: here is another test. I have combined the “HTML calculated column” with the tiny calendar style and the popup effect introduced in this post.

All these customizations are done through the standard SharePoint UI, they don’t require SharePoint Designer or any other tool.

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  3. Great info – any suggestions on a way to tie in the color when you are employing a “connect to outlook” feature? for example – My sharepoint calendar is connected to my outlook, I can create calendar entries either from the sharepoint site or out of my outlook. When I create out of outlook, the item shows up on sharepoint with a default color. Is there a way to add anything on the outlook side that would allow me to set the color that would translate over to the SP calendar?

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