Live demos

livedemoBy popular demand, I have set up a public SharePoint site to showcase my customizations. This should be especially useful for dynamic behaviors, which are not easy to describe in a blog.

I am using a free service offered by

The site currently features:
– the expand/collapse buttons
– a simple drop-down menu
– the tiny calendar
– a hover effect on the calendar

See them in action here:

In the future, I plan to add a download section, and give contributor access to some parts of the site. Let me know if you have other suggestions!

3 thoughts on “Live demos

  1. The various scripts used for the demos are on this blog, help yourself! On the home page of the demo site, the “featured customizations” section provides a short description to guide you.

    For the last demos, the article is not written yet, come back in a couple days!

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