Follow-up on the 7+1 demos

Next week I’ll start posting some explanations about my 7+1 demos.

From my blog stats, I can see some interest, but I have received little feedback so far. I personally think that there is room for improvement for some demos – like the Gantt chart for example. As usual, feel free to use the comments section or my e-mail address ( to send me your suggestions.

Another live demo

Something I haven’t tackled yet is the possibility to use the “HTML calculated column” to embed applications in SharePoint lists. Martin Edelius is offering on his blog an example of how to include videos. Check it out, and try out his live demo!

6 thoughts on “Follow-up on the 7+1 demos

  1. H Christophe,
    some feedback (sorry for the delay)
    – default to fit certain screen resolution when first displayed
    – graduated and/or labelled slider (without knowing how you do this slider I’m imagining this isimpossible – but you asked for feedback!)
    – “drill down” option where the hyperlink on a specific task (the title field) actually has the parameterised html to filter the list to now only show sub-taks of the selected task. ( i realise this would depend on a parent-child column arrangement which complicates matters but to my surprise the gantt view at least does accept parameteried html for filtering unlike the datasheet views – example:{EB316628-952C-481D-9F79-20102A9C7E2B}&FilterField1=StartDate&FilterValue1=03%2F01%2F2009)
    – ok, on a roll now, what about a special graphic for a milestone and following that theme (of trying to make it a replacement for MS Project!) what about a summary task indicator – to indicate that there are sub-tasks?
    I’ll keep going and add more if I think of anything (I’m about to “go live” with a colour coded Corporate Calendar detailing any events of interest from public launches, seminars, training schedul, corporate exec meeting dates to evn school holidays and public holidays – the most important!) All thanks to you Christophe! regards, Greg

  2. Thanks Greg.

    Agree on the graduation/label.

    Interesting idea to simulate a drill-down with a filter link! I’ll try his out. I think this idea has a lot of potential (beyond the Gantt view), and plays well with a calculated column.

    The special graphic for milestones already exists in SharePoint. The problem here is that it shrinks along with the rest of the chart…

    Summary task: seems difficult to automate (as is any cross-row stuff).

  3. Yes, I forgot about the milestone, and shame about the shrinkage.
    As for the summary idea, I wasn’t imagining any “cross-row” stuff (crashed into that brick wall sometime ago) just an additional lookup column, based on the title column, where the user can select a parent activity. The default view for the list would be filtered to exclude rows with a parent activity.
    Then when a user clicks on the calculated column (with the parameterised filter URL) it would either a) just show those activities that have the “clicked activity” as their parent, or b) also show the original rows with these new children rows as well.

  4. How can you make the Gantt chart viewing area longer? Right now it is so tiny it is virtually useless unless you have a tiny project.
    Also, is there any way to print?

    I just found this blog and plan to start following it. What fantastic suggestions you have!

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