Christmas indicators

christmasOnce in a while, I like to add a little touch of originality to catch users’ attention and drive SharePoint adoption.

The Holiday season is a good time for this. In this example, I have replaced standard indicators (green/yellow/red) with a Christmas theme.

To do this, you first need to upload a set of icons to SharePoint. I have downloaded mine from this pack on iconspedia, and renamed them (green.png, etc.). I used the 48×48 size for the demo, but there are other sizes available in the pack.

Then you need to create a calculated column for the color. See my previous post for this. In my example I have used the Priority column of a tasks list.

We are now ready to create the HTML calculated column (called “Display” in my example). Very simple here, just an image:

="<DIV><IMG src='&#91;path to image library&#93;"&Color&".png'></DIV>"

The final step is to add the usual script to the page. That’s it!

See the live demo here (with falling snow):

How about you? Any original ideas to share for the Holiday season?

3 thoughts on “Christmas indicators

  1. I do enjoy coming to this site. I always find something new and interesting. I ventured over to the demo, but you did not explain how you added the snow. That’s not fair, so I viewed the source and found that you added another CEWP and just added a style to the “TD” class. Very nice and clean. SO I took this concept and tried to apply this to a calendar view, what a nightmare. It appears that the calendar “day” cell is comprised of multiple cells. I finally gave up. During this I found that there were specific classes for today and days with events, but still not one cell. any thoughts or insight?

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