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With the new year, I have started working on my new SharePoint site:

My first action has been to compile a list of SharePoint blogs. The current list includes 270 blogs found on Technorati (through search or by following blog reactions). I am aware that it is far from complete – even some top blogs are currently missing – and I expect to add a few dozens more this month. If your blog is not listed, feel free to send me a link to your Technorati page.

So, why one more list in the SharePoint landscape?

Well, I was trying to address the following issues:
– be able to identify blogs offering interesting and fresh content
– extract from these blogs (that are sometimes huge) the top posts

I have explored various ways to sort blogs and posts, and the most adapted supports I have found are Technorati and Delicious. The others I have tried were either not at the right scale (Digg, Alexa, Google for example), or not reliable.

So here is how my list is built:
– Blogs are sorted according to their Technorati authority, an indicator of the blog’s quality and freshness.
– Each blog has a link to Delicious that displays the posts tagged by users. Here too, good and fresh content shows up on top of the list.

My list displays two values for the Technorati authority: a reference one – currently as of January 1st, 2009 – used to sort the list, and a real time one pulled from Technorati. I plan to update the reference at least once a month.

This is a first step, and I hope to include more granularity and “business intelligence” in the future. For example it would be interesting for me to identify posts that are relevant to end users.

I’ll provide more background in a next post. For now you can try out the list… and send me your comments!

For the record, the page was entirely build through the SharePoint UI (no SharePoint Designer), using the “HTML calculated column” method.

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