Trend reporting

I have already published several examples of progress bars: the initial post, an example proposed by Peter Allen, more color coding, and printable charts.

This week, Mark Miller at End User SharePoint published a new article I wrote on trend reporting (see above picture).

The original idea is from Ben Schlaepfer. I have adapted it for users who are looking for an OOTB solution, without SharePoint Designer. I have also tweaked it to make it work in Firefox.

6 thoughts on “Trend reporting

  1. Hi christophe,

    While trying to use Ben’s method without SPD,after inserting a new column for Milestone Slippage, i could get the milestones days (numbers) but the image is not rendering. The trafic_bg image is available in the location mentioned in the below code. I already have a CEWP in the same site which i am using for a list to get the task progress using the HTML script available and is working. Do i need to do add/modify anything further on the working CEWP script? Can you please advise..

    Many thanks for your support

    ="<DIV style='width:250px;'><DIV style='background: http://mysite/Images/traffic_bg.jpg no-repeat; font-weight:bold; text-align:right; width:"&(&#91;Due Date&#93;-&#91;Start Date&#93;)&"%;'>"&([Due Date]-[Start Date])&"</DIV></DIV>"
  2. Sam, the above formula is obviously not correct, if you compare with the one in my article:
    background: red url(/YOURPATHHERE/traffic_bg.jpg) no-repeat;

  3. Got it for [% Complete] column as posted below. But when i try the same with another column [Slippage] which is nothing but [Due Date] – [Start Date] it is not working.. any advise please.

    =" "&TEXT([% Complete],"0%")&""


    Many thanks in advance,

  4. apologies typo error while inserting the code:

    ="<DIV style='position:relative;'><DIV style='font-size:0px; border-top: 14px solid "&CHOOSE(INT(&#91;% Complete&#93;*10)+1,"red","red","OrangeRed","OrangeRed","DarkOrange","Orange","Gold","yellow","GreenYellow","LawnGreen","Lime")&"; width:"&(&#91;% Complete&#93;*100)&"%;'> </DIV><DIV style='position:absolute; top:0px;'>"&TEXT([% Complete],"0%")&"</DIV></DIV>"
  5. Sam, these are different examples. The %complete example assumes that the value is between 0 and 1 (=100%). Slippage on the other hand could take any value.

  6. Help! I see this article is from 2009, but I’m trying to create the progress bar graphic – showing the color coding, the number of days of slippage, etc. The URLs listed in this article seem to be broken or removed. Can anyone point me in the direction to find these steps?

    I’m not a developer in the proper sense, but am comfy with Calculated columns and CEWP codings.

    Help Please!

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