Quick tip: link to your page’s main content

So let’s take a look at your SharePoint page header: a banner, the site title, search, tabs, breadcrumbs, the page title… Before you know it you have already consumed one third of the screen.

Of course, this is not wasted space. But sometimes you just want your users to directly get to the content of the page, without having to scroll down. It is for example the case if you build a dashboard.

To do this, simply append #mainContent to the URL of your SharePoint page.

See it at work on this example:
Link to the page
Link to the page’s main content

An alternate option is to drop a Content Editor Web Part in your page and add the following code:

<script type="text/javascript">
window.location.hash = "mainContent";

2 thoughts on “Quick tip: link to your page’s main content

  1. Christophe,

    Nice solution. I had a problem with a page that would start at the point where the cursor showed up and in this case it was at the middle of the page and so the user would have been confused. I did a bookmark/name tag and did the same thing with the URL and had the #RP (name for the tag) at the end of the URL.

    One thing that I have been thinking about is that there are great scripts out there, but having to put in a CEWP for each one can result in a page with a lot of web parts. It would be nice to have a web part that had all the code and it was easy to turn on or off the scripts that one needed for that page. Something that I have been just thinking about lately.


  2. Right, you can extend this tip and place your own mark in a CEWP:

    <a name="MyMark" rel="nofollow"></a>

    I was thinking about grouping all the scripts in a feature. It could be activated/deactivated at the site level. Still need to figure out how to accomplish that.

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