Exploring the SharePoint Blogosphere (Cont’d)

I continued populating the list of SharePoint blogs last week, and I now have 330 blogs referenced.
Under Technorati Authority, I have added a “N/A” category for blogs that don’t fit in the main list. This includes:
– Blogs from SharePoint experts that are not registered on Technorati
– Blogs that aggregate the content from other blogs
– Blogs that sometimes talk about SharePoint but have a wider scope

So many blogs! Where do I start?

Of course, you’ll find outstanding content if you visit the top 50 blogs (Authority of 25 or more), or the top 100 (Authority of 10 or more). But you should not dismiss the other blogs with “some authority”.  Believe me, gaining one point of authority is not as easy as it sounds! Also, some blogs have excellent content but a low authority just because they don’t publish often.
My recommendation: use the “Search Delicious bookmarks” button for a sneak peek. This will highlight some of the most interesting content, and give you a better idea of what the blog is about (IT, programming, Web design, end user, etc.).

Also, the blogs list has been online for almost two weeks, and we start seeing some trends. Check out the blogs whose authority has significantly increased (green value vs. reference), these blogs will certainly offer fresh and interesting posts.
Note that the reverse is not true. There’s an aging effect, so if a blog has a stable authority it simply means that it is renewing its content.

Do you feel lucky?

Then try out my Random Blog Explorer! It will randomly pick a blog among a list of 200+ SharePoint blogs that have “some authority”. Refresh the page to move to the next blog.
The page will display:
– Technorati window: authority, recent posts,  reactions from peer bloggers
– Delicious: most bookmarked posts
– the blog’s home page
Btw I used Paul Grenier’s script for manually resizing Web Parts. This will allow you to expand the Technorati and Delicious windows.

One last thing: please help make this list better, remember to report errors and omissions!

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