Issue: filters in calculated columns


I am about to release some scripts to improve the filter drop-down box for the “HTML calculated column”.

As I worked on this, I came across an issue with calculated columns: the filter doesn’t work if the content of the calculated field is longer than 256 characters.

If you have more information on this issue please let me know!

This will impact you if you use calculated columns and create HTML strings longer than 256 characters. You may also experience this issue in other situations, for example if you use calculated columns to aggregate text strings.

10 thoughts on “Issue: filters in calculated columns

  1. I know you’re probably still working on this, but I was hoping to pick your brain. I have, for a long time, tried to create a filter based on month/year. It is simple enough to create a calculated column to generate this data, but I have been trying to dynamically click a view and have last months data display. Can this be achieved? Or even some sort of a dropdown (filter) at the top of the list vist, to filter based on month/year, like a keyword filter. Where can I find some good resources to figure this out?

    Thanks again for the time oyu put into this.

  2. I had a similar problem. I wanted to display a list on a page that held a monthly report. Because some upper management looks at this report and it’s a general pain to have to click through to find the most recent report or having to many or too few lines for the list webpart to display, I wanted to limit it to the most current month.

    The solution I came up with was to have a item the specified what year and month the list item was for in the format YYYY-MM. Then I grouped the items based on this column and sorted the data so that the most recent group was at the top of the list. I think in the group section of the create view page, there is an option to display only one group per page. With that option selected and the way I sorted the groups, only the most recent month’s report was displayed on the opening “dashboard” page.

  3. This took so thought, and I thought it would work for me, but when I tried I had a few issues. One was you may only select one group if display is collapsed. I am looking for a view that quickly rovdes the last moths data, so a minimal amount of effort is required for results. I remember some time back there was a keyword type of template for a document library. I have not been able to find that to duplicate. I think this will be the my dynamic and easily repeatable. I can devault the month year to current or previous, yet still have the ability to view other months. One of the list I was recently playing in had an option Show filter choices. When selected it populated dropdown above the hearer of each column. I have been trying to find how I triggered that, and how I can make that on all the time. I think the toughest thing are finding good resources. This blog is one of the few.

  4. larry: maybe you’re talking about Web Part connections, or maybe you’re using MOSS and have filter Web Parts?
    I agree about the “YYYY-MM” method described above. Then you can make it more interactive with WP connections. It is for example what I have used on this page (for the Technorati authority)

  5. Yes, I forgot about that page. This should be easily portable and ahould be able to change over to YYYY.MM.

    Thanks again Christophe

    • If you browse my blog you’ll spot some screenshots (and even live demos) where the issue is fixed. But I have never published any solution because it’s really tricky to implement and maintain.

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