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There are now more than 350 sites referenced in my list of SharePoint blogs. A lot of content to explore, with personalized links to the blogs themselves, as well as to Technorati, Delicious and now Diigo.

As an end user, however, you may experience some frustrations, as the majority of the top blogs target developers. How about trying your luck with my Random Blog Explorer? Oh, you did! So? Well, maybe it was not your lucky day…

To help out, I have decided to tag the blogs for which a major part of the content is accessible to end users. I have created a subset that you’ll find on this page:

As you can see, for these blogs I also track RSS feeds. I have aggregated them and they are currently displayed here:

This is still under construction, and the future of these pages will greatly depend on your comments. Please send me your suggestions to improve navigation and findability! Also, let me know which sites should be added to the list or on the contrary removed. Leave a comment below or contact me by e-mail at

What is a SharePoint End User btw?

And first, what’s an end user? Among a bunch of definitions returned by Google search, I picked this one from Yale:
An individual or organization that accesses digital information for their own use.
We used to live in simpler times, with on one side IT building applications and on the other side end users running them. Today, with Web services, mashups and workflow tools, where is the frontier?

I was going to build my own definition, when I was stopped by an announcement from Mark Miller. I sure want to wait until Thursday, and read what he has to say on the subject.
Also, I am thinking that we don’t necessarily need a definition a priori. Let’s gather the list of “end user blogs”, discuss it, and whatever we’ll end up with will be our view of a “SharePoint end user”.

Looking forward to your comments!

4 thoughts on “SharePoint blogs for end users

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  3. Christophe,
    Thanks for building the big blog list and including my blog.
    I would love to be listed in your end user subsection. The focus of my blog is on SharePoint Designer and I have been approved for a submission to GetThePoint based on my mapping posts.

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