Blogs in the spotlight – January report

February 1st – we’re starting a new month, and I have updated the Technorati authority in my list of 370+ SharePoint blogs (Ref. column).

It is also time to review what happened last month, and see which blogs attracted – more than usual – the attention of their peers. Check out in this report the blogs whose Technorati authority has increased in January.

Two sites had an outstanding success: Jan Tielens’ bloggings and Mark Miller’s They saw their authority increase by 15 and 13 points respectively.
If you have server access on your SharePoint farm, check out Jan’s SmartTools release. If you are an end user, replay for yourself the jQuery fireworks that Paul Grenier served us to celebrate the New Year.

If you are a regular blog reader, maybe this is no big news for you. Then I suggest that you take a look at the rest of the list to dig out some gems. Pay a visit to Henry Ong’s Art of SharePoint EvolutionJeremy ThakeSharePoint Use Cases and many others! 

A couple notes:
– If you are an end user, the blogs with an RSS icon should be more suitable for you.
– Take advantage on the Delicious, Technorati and Diigo links to find the best posts for each blog. It can take some time to get recognition, and the January recommendations may actually refer to older posts.
– As I already stated, the Technorati authority is just one indicator among others, not the measure of the Quality of a blog.

Happy hunting!

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