Live demo: jQuery sparklines


As a test, I have included jQuery sparklines in my February report on SharePoint blogs.

The sparklines are in the “Trend” column. They display, in bar type, the blog’s authority in the past 3 months. To build them I have combined the “HTML calculated column” with the jQuery sparklines plugin.

I have already provided a tutorial to include Google sparklines in SharePoint lists a couple months ago. The Google approach is very convenient, but its downside is that your data goes public, you send it on the Internet to get the charts in return. That’s why I am interested in this alternate option.

However, I need to do some more testing as I noticed a rendering issue. If you have more information on this plugin please let me know!

Update [03/03/09] The author of the plugin, Gareth Watts, has worked on the rendering issue I reported. It will be fixed in v 1.4.1 .

Update [04/02/09] v 1.4.1 is now available for download.

8 thoughts on “Live demo: jQuery sparklines

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  2. Christophe,

    I am also having trouble with rendering. When did Gareth say he would come out with version 1.4.1?



  3. Hi Chris,

    Your blog is excellent, but you should use full text RSS feeds, you can also inlude publicity in them.

    This way you will get many more readers.


  4. has anyone used javascript to disable the Ok button on a new or edit form after the button has been clicked?

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