SharePoint for Scrum: any hints?

I am currently considering using SharePoint for Scrum, so I did some research on the Internet. I found several resources that use Excel, but very little on SharePoint.

If you have experimented with this, I’d be very interested in your advice… especially if you stumbled upon some road blocks!

14 thoughts on “SharePoint for Scrum: any hints?

  1. Thanks all for your input.

    It seem that SharePoint is fine for backlogs and tasks. Maintaining a burndown chart is more challenging. This is also the feedback I got from contacting Andrew Woodward.

    I’ll continue posting comments here as I make progress in my investigations. Feel free to do the same!

  2. I’ve used a combination of Excel and SharePoint to show our sprints. I use an excel 2007spreadsheet for tasks and burndown chart then I link them via Excel services to a webpart on the sprint page. Every time the attached excel spreadsheet is updated the burndown chart is updated. On the sprint page I also have a custom list for impediments and stories we’re taking in. I also have the prodcut backlog but not showing via excel services yet.

  3. Thanks Derek.
    The limitation of the Excel spreadsheet is that you don’t track tasks individually (permissions, alerts, history). On the other hand, I can understand that it makes it easier to generate and display the burndown chart.

  4. In our case the Excel spreadsheet is a backup of our post-it board in our office as well as the burndown creation tool so it works well.

  5. You may want to look at the new built-in Chart Web Part being introduced with SharePoint 2010 for your burndown chart, instead of using Excel.

  6. Christophe, thought it worth posting back here. As a result of the lack of any decent Scrum tools for SharePoint (and it really being a pain for me) I decided to invest some time and create one. Today we lauched 21SCRUM as SharePoint 2010 sandbox solution that does exactly what you want.

    Scrum in SharePoint – with live Burndown Chart.

    Would love to know what you think.


    • Thanks for the update Andrew. Is there a way to do a test drive of 21scrum?
      I did a quick test several weeks ago, when you released the beta version. I like the idea of a sandbox solution, it makes the product so easy to install.

  7. The problem i see with the 21scrum product is that it does not track tasks, only user stories, which goes against scrum training and certification. Using this product, we found, forced us to assign actual hours to user stories and not to tasks which is not a really healthy way to approach real scrum processes.

    • Erik – we are considering the introduction of tasks – the challenge has been that our goal was to make the tool very easy to use. If you have any input into the way you would like to see this work we would welcome your input.

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