Blogs – Access from China

Yesterday, as I was playing with the new IE 8, I discovered that I was able to access my blog from China (I mean without having to go through a proxy).

This is big, as traditionally blogging platforms like WordPress and Blogger have been blocked in China. I don’t know when the change happened. can also be accessed again.

More than a billion potential new readers…wow!

4 thoughts on “Blogs – Access from China

  1. i am from china, i am your reader,your blog help me a lot, i like it very much.
    your way is simple and clean,easy to understand,thanks a lot.

  2. Unfortunately the world wide web was probably a bit of a Eutopia even Google have recently discussed pulling their saervice entirely from China due to recent cyber attacks and for them China is not proving to be particularly profitable partly due to the fact that access to much of the international content beyond China’s borders is restricted. Although you had some luck connecting my understanding is it is becoming worse rather than better. Back to hunting for more proxies!

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