Twouble with Twitters

It seems that Twitter is the topic of the week among SharePoint bloggers. You’ll find all trends, from the enthusiasts like Joel Oleson and Mark Miller, to the sceptics like Eric Shupps who thinks that Twitter has already jumped the shark.

Where do I stand? Well, somewhere in the middle. I am now on Twitter as Path2SharePoint (note the subtle name adjustment to fit in 15 characters). Here’s what decided me: sometimes I wanted to relay interesting blog posts, but didn’t want to write a blog entry just for that. Twitter seemed to be the right answer. I also witnessed some interesting use of Twitter, like Mark Miller’ s coverage of live events.

However I can see the downside too. What if the Fail Whale suddenly jumps in one of Mark’s live events? And generally speaking I would agree that there is too much noise. This is the reason why I haven’t started following anybody yet. For now, I prefer to rely on search and hashbars to try and find tweets of interest.

New to Twitter? Wondering what the Fail Whale is? Then watch this video: “Twouble with Twitters”. Enjoy!