More jQuery demos: scrolling news, fisheye menu


I have added two jQuery animation demos to my SharePoint site:
Scrolling news on the home page, based on the jQuery Tools plugin (its Scrollable feature to be precise)
Dock menu with fisheye effect, based on the Interface plugin

At this point, these are “proofs of concept”, not ready yet for a production environment.

I have also transferred the Star rating demo from my old site. It is based on the star rating widget. For the occasion I have upgraded it with the June 2009 release.

For the record, the following jQuery demos are already present on the site:
Sparklines (minicharts)
Slider for the Gantt view (animation)

JavaScript – the language jQuery is based on – is becoming a more and more powerful tool for animations and other visual effects, and is slowly gaining ground in areas where Flash was previously considered the only option. This trend is driven by the development of new libraries/frameworks/plugins, the rapid progress of JavaScript engines in modern browsers, and new standards like the HTML canvas element and CSS3.
If you are interested in this topic, in addition to jQuery take a look at these 10 Impressive JavaScript Animation Frameworks and 10 excellent JavaScript solutions to graphing/charting data.

15 thoughts on “More jQuery demos: scrolling news, fisheye menu

  1. Hello – I see your Star Rating demo but I don’t see any other information about the star rating column. Will you please direct me on how to integrate this function into my site.

    Thank you,

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  4. Great job again. This is almost identical to a post i read some time back except the solution was a webpart that was installed on the admin side. Now i am trying to figure out how to move the iframe to the right side of the window. Keep up the great work!

  5. This is excellent! I’ve been able to implement this into one of my SharePoint lists but was curious as to how you plan to store the data or if you are at all? I’ve seen that most of these types of widgets store the rating via PHP to a file on the web server. I don’t have that ability but believe I can store the rating in a column right in my SharePoint list. The only problem I’m not sure of is how to set the rating to the appropriate level when the page is first loaded, the website appears to be down 😦

    • Bill, it’s up to you to decide both the scope and the location of the menu.

      The interface plugin gives a nice effect, but it is not the easiest to configure. You’ll find on the Internet other fisheye plugins that are more accessible.

  6. Very nice, I just put one of these in as a vertical navigation inplace of the quick launch. What I could not figure out is how I can make the non hover icons a little larger. Can you give me some suggestions?

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  8. I’d really like to make use of the “Dock menu with fisheye effect”, but your post says [At this point, these are “proofs of concept”, not ready yet for a production environment.]
    …is there likely to be an update, soon, to enable me to make use of this?

  9. Hi Christophe. Have to say… your site is the best!! Been reviewing the great rebuild of your Path to SharePoint site. But, am having difficulties finding things. I am looking for the code for the fisheye nav style. I found the page.. but turns out that is also now the home page of the site.. and yet there is no code there. Is the code out here anywhere I can try it out please?

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