Image Rotator: now with hyperlinks

I have added a new option to the Image Rotator: you now have the possibility to make the pictures clickable. Clicking on a picture will open a new window, to display either the full size picture or a link that you have referenced in a text column.
By default the text column is called [Link]. You can of course choose your own column name, but do not use spaces or special characters in the name. Remember to include that column in the default view of your picture library.

6 thoughts on “Image Rotator: now with hyperlinks

  1. Love the web part. I work in an area where ADA compliance is important. We’d like to use the web part, but need to have alt tags appear… any way to allow an alt tag to be entered? Even if it was the same for all pictures (something like “picture library image”) I think it would satisfy our requirement.

  2. Love this web part… thanks so much.

    Trying set browser size, noscroll and such for the window that opens with no such luck. Any suggestions??

    thanks again!

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