An experiment: tiny calendar + jQuery zoom

Tiny calendars look nice on a home page, but they have one drawback: their small size doesn’t allow to  display events.

In a previous post, I proposed two ways to deal with this issue, one being to include a zooming effect on the text.

Then last week I discovered anythingZoomer, a jQuery plugin that allows to add a zooming effect to any Web content (well, just as it says). It seemed like the perfect solution for my tiny calendar, so I decided to give it a try. You can see the result on this page:

This first attempt looks promising. I like the fact that the zoom keeps the clickable parts of the calendar. You can for example move to the next or previous month, or select a specific event.
There are still some issues though. In particular the zoomed view is not correctly aligned with the small view. To be continued…

5 thoughts on “An experiment: tiny calendar + jQuery zoom

  1. Hi Christophe

    This is excellent – it looks perfect to me.

    One comment though on the colour coding, it needs to be a contrasting colour to see it clearly. The green entries are hard to read.


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