Easy Tabs and Accordion, online this Wednesday!

This Wednesday, Mark Miller and I will be presenting our online SharePoint workshop on the Easy Tabs interface.

If you haven’t heard about my Easy Tabs and Accordion yet, I recommend that you follow these steps:
1/ Check out the live demo. It’s all about dynamic interfaces, so click, click, and…click!
2/ View the workshop teaser
3/ If you find these navigation tools useful, register for the workshop. If you are wondering how they can help you, well… register for the workshop 😉

Talk to you on Wednesday!

24 thoughts on “Easy Tabs and Accordion, online this Wednesday!

  1. Yes, would be helpful to have a quick-reference or a short list of step-by-step instructions on how to modify & add additional tabs. Do you have to edit the script?

    Uploaded & added the web part, see the single EasyTabs tab, but how to add more & link to pages/sites/etc?


  2. Nevermind – figured it out. Nice option to have, it’s definitely appealing visually, and easy to add, but slightly limiting.

    Need to consider the design up front and determine what web parts will work best as tabs. Guess I made an incorrect assumption that each tab could link to a different web part page or site vs. individual web parts.

    Nice work, though!

  3. Easy Tabs is AWESOME. I’ve used jQuery to get a simlar effect, but this makes updating for end-users so much easier.


  4. Is there a way to distinguish between parts to be included in Easy Tabs and other web parts that you wish to omit in the same web part zone? I think this is a great header web part but I’d like to continue using space in that same web part zone.

  5. Thanks for your comment Nate. It gives me the opportunity to precise two points:
    1/ as shown in Jason’s comment, there’s a trade off between functionalities and ease of use. You could add other options, but what makes the success of these tabs is that they require zero effort to implement.
    2/ There’s a difference between navigation tabs (links) and module tabs. Easy Tabs belongs to the second category. I am going to publish an article to detail this.

  6. Hello Christophe and thank you for your many contributions to the world of SharePoint.

    I have implemented your easy tabs interface and it works fine with one exception. I have a series of DVWP’s that I’m tabbing. The initial display works great and it’s a very nifty way of displaying lots of data.

    On my DVWP’s, I have setup the properties to display the filter, sort, and group toolbars. Sort and Group work fine as they are dropdowns, however, the filter option does not work in the easy tabs interface. Normally the filter option adds a section just beneath the toolbar with all the displayed fields and the universe of values displayed in the DVWP. Something about the easy tabs interface is prohibiting that section from displaying.

    Any thoughts on getting this work?

  7. One note I have to make: My default setting for web parts is to set the Chrome to ‘None’. Of course as soon as you do this, easy tabs has nothing to work with.

    It took me a little while to figure out why one easy tab page was working while the other was not. Not a big problem (now that I know) but could trick some users.

  8. I also liked the easy tabs. However, I could not get it to work consistently. I checked the ‘chrome’ and all webparts have set to Normal.

    I am not sure why the page didn’t display the easy tabs.

    I thought I had webparts that were module tabs. Is there an article that explains this, please?

    I really would like to use the easytabs.


  9. I also liked the easy tabs. However, I could not get it to work… I’ve added the easytab webpart to the page and in the edit mode it displays the “EasyTabs” but when I exit edit mode the page looks as if the “EasyTabs” isn’t there… Thoughts ?

    is there additional requirements beyond the “EasyTabs” webpart ?


  10. Christophe;

    Thanks for the quick reply, I have checked all of the web parts chrome borders, they are all set to “Title Only”… tried changing to “Title and Border”… no change in display…

    SharePoint configuration – MOSS 2007, x64, SP2 + June CU update..

      • Christophe;

        I added the web part to another site and it works just fine… so it has to be soemthing with the users “MySite” web page that is preventing the webpart from working…

        thoughts ?

    • In the script, you’ll see that the tabs are assigned class names.

      My sample script reuses existing SharePoint classes. What you can do is define your own classes with specific styles.

  11. Hello Christophe,

    I’m a first time user of your Easy Tabs. I went to your site, copied the script (from the download page), placed the script in a content editor web part that I located on a list that has three data view web parts.

    I was hoping to see the three tabs for the data view web parts – however I don’t get the tabs in either edit or view modes.

    Is there something I’m missing? I appreciate your time and assistance. BTW, I didn’t get to go to the conference either.

    thanks again — Dave

  12. Dear Christophe,

    it’s simply amazing but above all end users related, thank you so much to share your knowledge ;o)
    Do you think i’m too greedy if i ask if there is any chance to have the same “help” for an accordion ?

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