FAQ: how comes my Easy Tabs display in edit mode, but not in view mode?

This is the most frequent issue reported with the Easy Tabs Web Part: the user can see the tabs when the page is in edit mode, but as soon as they switch to view mode the tabs don’t show up anymore.

‘The explanation: the Easy Tabs script builds the tabs from the Web Part titles. In edit mode, all the Web Parts and titles are displayed (even those set to hidden), so the script finds the information it needs to build the tabs. In view mode, some Web Part titles may be hidden, depending on your settings. If it is the case, the script can’t find the information to build the tabs and stops.

So, if your tabs display in edit mode but not in view mode, the first thing to check is that your Web Parts have a chrome type set to “Title” or “Title and border”.

I’ll update the Easy Tabs page, to either explain this issue or tweak the Web Part behavior.

If you participated in the online workshop you don’t see this issue, as the version given to the participants has a different behavior.

If you are interested in the Easy Tabs, note that Mark Miller has set up an additional online workshop on October 8. In this session, we review use cases and customization options for the Easy Tabs and its sister Web Parts, the accordion and the Quick Menu.

12 thoughts on “FAQ: how comes my Easy Tabs display in edit mode, but not in view mode?

  1. Is there a way to toggle the Easy Tabs and show all of the affected web parts at once? We want to use the Easy Tabs script, but have a “print page” link that will show all of the web parts at once without the Easy Tabs, just like when you first come to the Easy Tabs page.

    Thanks for any help!

  2. If I have two calendars displayed (different views but same calendar), do I need to put CEWP with the same code? How do I do two calendars on the same page?

    Thanks. It works for one calendar but not two.

  3. I am really pleased with the introduction of easy tabs- Great work!

    I do run into an issue- My tabs do not show any content at first until one is clicked. Basically, a user encounters a row of tabs(without content below) and must click to open something.

    Is there a way to make it display the first tab’s content by default? I notice your site displays easy tabs this way…Am I missing something?

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  5. I found out why my easy tabs was not working in my case.

    I had another CEWP on the page that is used to reduce the calendar size.

    Since I had two zones on the front page I shifted the Easy tabs WP to the other zone where no other web parts were installed, and that side worked.

    That told me how to fix the problem, by simply moving the reduce calendar CEWP to the side where the calendar is, and voila, the tabs come up as advertized. I’m not sure why having two CEWP’s on the same zone messes up the easy tabs, however.

    • Tom, is your other CEWP hidden? If so, it shouldn’t impact the Easy Tabs. I recall somebody had the same issue, and hiding the other CEWP fixed it.

  6. Hi,
    I am working on sharepoint 2010. Easy tabs webpart is not working in sharepoint 2010. Any thoughts on how to make it work on 2010 would be highly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

  7. Hi Christophe,

    “Easy Tabs” web part helped me a lot. Its very useful.
    I’m wondering whether we can set the second or third Tab to Default ?. I undertand that the default tab directs to first CEWP added to that Web part zone. Can you please help me with this ?


  8. Hi,
    I have an existing Sharepoint webpage containing a number of webparts.
    I added the EasyTabs webpart to this page but the tabs do not display.

    Is there something I have missed?


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