Following the SharePoint Conference 2009

7000+ SharePointers have migrated to Las Vegas for this week’s SharePoint gathering, while many more – me included – are staying at home and are anxious to grab the latest news on SharePoint 2010 from the Internet.

I have set up a page to share news from the conference:

On the left side, I am displaying the channels that Mark Miller has set up, including in particular live blogging from more than a hundred (!) SharePoint professionals, divided into 7 groups, who are reporting in real time on the sessions they attend.
On the right side of the page are my findings, grabbed from my rss feeds and Internet search (I recommend Jeff Teper’s review of SharePoint 2010 features). I am trying to stay away from developer info, and focus on content accessible to end users.

If you have any interesting links to share, feel free to add them in the comments section below, and I’ll push them to my SPC09 page.

Hope you find this helpful!