Sneak Peek: HTML Calculated Column v3


One of the great benefits of running online workshops is that it pushes me to refine my solutions.

The cornerstone of Tuesday’s visualization workshop is the HTML calculated column. So for the occasion I revisited my script and worked on several improvements. The main one is to make the filter menu work for HTML calculated columns (see screenshot).

Another enhancement I am working on is to allow the use of HTML calculated columns for grouping (see second screenshot).

The first to benefit from the improvements will of course be the workshop participants, as the filter menu will be included in the script they’ll receive. The complete version (v3) of the HTML Calculated Column with all the enhancements should be published by the end of the year.

HTMLgroupUpdate [11/01/2009] Another screenshot of my work in progress: HTML calculated columns used for two level grouping.

17 thoughts on “Sneak Peek: HTML Calculated Column v3

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  2. It will take me some time to finalize v3. I’ll write the script for SP 2007 exclusively, which means that I’ll be able to include some improvements that were not possible in previous versions (that applied to both SP2003 and SP2007).

    I’ll be happy to send the work in progress to people who are willing to volunteer as testers. Just send me an e-mail with “HTMLcc” in the subject.

  3. Love the site and the help. I have a random question regarding using the calculated columns.

    I have a project tracking type list i am using to show what deliverable a certain site is in. It is using the Today function in the calculated cell. Knowing that the list will not update unless the record is modified, is there a way to modify every item in the list (sort of open and save) to update that column, or a better way to get the information I am wanting.

    Code snippet:
    =IF([tBAND Start Date]=””,”(XV) No Start Date Defined”,IF(Today>=[tBAND Start Date],”(XIV) Projected Started”,IF(Today=[tBAND Start Date]-1,”(XIII) T-1 Day Email Notification”,IF(Today>[tBAND Start Date]-3,”(XII) T-3 Day Email Notification”,IF(Today>[tBAND Start Date]-7,”(XI) Site tBAND Go/No Go”,IF(Today>[tBAND Start Date]-10,”(X) T-10 Day Email Notification”,IF(Today>[tBAND Start Date]-14,”(IX) BigFix and App Readiness teams confirmed changes”,CurrentDeliverable2)))))))

    Using this code i get it to calculate correctly when entries are created, but they do not update themselves as the date changes. (typical Today issue)
    any and all help is greatly appreciated.

    • Just the typical Today issue as you say. That’s why I don’t recommend this trick.
      That said, re-creating the Today column and re-deleting it should do the trick.

  4. Hi Christophe,

    I have been using your idea of calculated coulms and javasrcipts. I have three calculated columns (hyper link, Progress Indicator Bar, Red Amber Green status). I had implemented this because I wanted to improve the visual effects. Now, My client wants filtering on those columns(It displays plain html when I click on the column to filter). I am really looking forward for your updated script (V3) or any other work around/ideas to accomplish this. I am ready to help you with testing of versions. Do you have any estimated time to rollout version 3 so that I can promise my client.

    • Santhosh, I won’t have v3 available soon because I’ll need to do some testing on SP 2010.
      I have sent you v2.2 (beta) that may address your need.

  5. Hi Christophe!

    You HTMLcc have improve my sharepoint sites a lot! Thanks!

    I would like to test your new version with my lists when using the grouping option!!

  6. I am also experiencing the problem when trying to filter on R/A/G calculated column whereby the actual html is being shown. I would be interested in trying out the beta fix.

  7. HTMLcc


    I’ve just arrived at the problem of displaying html in the drop down filters and look forward to seeing V3

  8. Follow up to my comment from April: the improvements featured in the post won’t apply to SP 2010. I am currently working on a new v3, trying a completely different approach. This will certainly take a couple more months.

  9. Hi Christophe, would you be able to send me the fix for being able to filter these HTML calculated columns as shown in your screenshot?

    • Darren: as I said in the previous comment, this code is obsolete. I’ll share another solution in a couple weeks/months. You can see a live demo of the work in progress in my latest blog post (countdown/countup).

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