Teaser: jQuery animations in SharePoint

On November 17, Mark Miller and I will host our live online workshop dedicated to animations in SharePoint.

The main featured customizations will be scrolling news and the image rotator. To give you a feel for what you’ll be playing with, I have created a live demo:
[This is a mockup, I am still working on the final scripts for the workshop]

The engines behind these customizations are two highly acclaimed jQuery plugins: Scrollable and Cycle. There are also a couple others working behind the scene, like the Easing plugin (which creates the optional bouncing effect in the image rotator).

An important note: the focus of the workshop is the SharePoint UI, not jQuery. We’ll learn how to pull the content from SharePoint lists, and format it to feed the plugins. We’ll also see how to optimize the display of images to reduce bandwidth.

If you like what you see, feel free to use the comments section below, to give me feedback and ask for more details. We are very flexible, and we’ll adapt the workshop content to your needs!

The live online workshop is scheduled on November 17 at 1:00 PM (EST). I hope to see you there!

8 thoughts on “Teaser: jQuery animations in SharePoint

    • Jake, we’ll review different solutions, for authenticated and anonymous users. For example I have built my live demo to work for both authenticated and anonymous access.
      We’ll also review solutions that work across sites and site collections.

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  2. Any way to see the workshop for the jquery animations? The EventBrite says it’s ended and no way to pay to watch it over again.

    Also, does this work with a document library that has images, or only a picture library? Thanks!

  3. I just missed your online demo. Would like to try implementing a scrolling news feature on our internal site. Do you have any documentation one could follow to get this widget working so I could give it a go? Thanks!

  4. I’ve just seen this via the enusersharepoint newsletter and wondered like jrieson if you have any documentation or anything else I could use to set this up on my internal site. it looks likes the answers to all my requirements from our comms team!

  5. Obviously we communicated the schedule too late for this workshop…

    There is a recording of the session, you can have access to it for the same fee as the live workshop (and of course get the 4 animation Web Parts: scrolling news, news ticker, image slider, image rotator). Please contact Mark Miller at endusersharepoint.com for the details.
    Are there other people interested in this workshop? If so, Mark and I could schedule another live session in January.

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