Gantt demos – Update

Update [12/8/2009]: due to the recent events at, we are postponing the live online workshop. The Gantt workshop is now scheduled on Thursday, December 17 at 1 pm EST.

I have updated the Gantt demos on my SharePoint site. All the featured customizations will be detailed in Thursday’s live online workshop. Each participant will get a sandbox and the parts needed to build the views below.

Demo 1:

This demo is based on the OOTB Gantt view, to which I have added some customizations (cf. my previous post):
– month time scale
– variable scale, adjusted via a slider. Three ways to adjust the scale: move the handle / click on the slider bar / use the arrows on your keyboard.
– overdue tasks in red
– [new] on the fly filtering of tasks: tasks will be filtered based on the text you enter in the input field (placed above the task titles).
– [new] tooltip displaying task title, start and end dates: hover over a blue bar to view it.

Demo 2:

The second demo shows a method to add color coding to the OOTB Gantt view. The color is based on the level of priority. More details here.

Demo 3:

The third demo offers a completely different approach: the Gantt view is built from scratch, in a standard SharePoint list view. This provides more flexibility (color coding, annotations, tooltip, etc.), and benefits from the OOTB list features (like grouping).
See this post for more details.

3 thoughts on “Gantt demos – Update

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  2. Christophe,

    Thank you for sharing with us these amazing Gantt charts. Is it possible to receive the code for the first demo, “GanttTimeScale”?


    • The code is made available to the participants of the Gantt online workshop, or you can register for a one-on-one session. Fell free to contact me directly for details.

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