Path to SharePoint: what’s changing in 2010

Ever since I started this blog, and started sharing my SharePoint end user tips, I have realized that there is a strong demand for flexible, client side solutions.
I expect this to be more and more the case. From a business user’s perspective, being given the ability to fine tune processes, workflows and user interaction, without going through heavy development cycles, is definitely a big plus. Client side scripting in general is gaining momentum (for example with jQuery, HTML5/Canvas, increasingly powerful browsers, and the continuous growth of Web Services). For SharePoint in particular, new SP 2010 features like the JavaScript object model (JSOM) and reusable SharePoint Designer customizations will boost such applications.

Keeping up with the pace of growth means than I need to become more rigourous and professional. Businesses that rely on my solutions expect more than sample scripts. They expect tools that have been thoroughly tested, and that come with documentation and support. They need clear and easy implementation steps. And they need scalable solutions with regular upgrades.

What it means for me is that I am going to expand and split my online activities. Besides this blog, that I started (and will continue) as a hobby, I’ll start offering packaged products and services that leverage my ideas. This is what I am working on for next year.

I don’t know yet how I’ll make this happen, but it is clear for me that it will be through partnerships with active members of the SharePoint community, with people who like me truly believe that SharePoint makes a difference. In my next post I’ll outline some ideas, if you are interested please talk to me!

To make things clear, this blog is not going away. My commitment is to continue sharing here my sample code and ideas in 2010, at the same pace as in 2009! I am also considering starting a second blog, where I’ll share Web design tips that are not directly related to SharePoint (jQuery, AJAX, SEO, etc.).

6 thoughts on “Path to SharePoint: what’s changing in 2010

  1. Christophe,

    I appreciate your blog and am glad to hear that you will keep it up as you expand your horizons. I also like the idea of another blog regarding jQuery, AJAX, SEO, etc. It will surely be easy to understand and very useful coming from you.

    Happy holidays!



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  3. Hi Christophe,

    This is a good idea for you. I think it is perfectly OK to start up a business selling your tested and packaged solutions. You have a lot of talent that you are willing to share so there’s no reason not to expect a reasonable return for that.

    Still, I hope you keep offering some nuggets for those of us who have followed and used your client-side coding to improve our SharePoint systems. The interactions with people (like me!) who initially had problems or questions about using the code hopefully helps you to produce better solutions.

    Best of luck in the New Year.


    • Thanks for your message Kate. I am glad to hear this makes sense. And don’t worry, I am currently cooking a couple scripts I’ll publish in the beginning of 2010!

  4. Hey Christophe,

    My team just got SP 2010 up and running in one of our environments, and I am looking at some of the new features. I noticed that when I try and use the CEWP, I get an error message and SP strips the HTML source from the web part? Am I missing something?

    Any help would be appreciated.


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