Path to SharePoint – On the menu in 2010


Happy New Year!

Here is a heads up of what you can expect from Path to SharePoint in 2010.


Like in 2008 and 2009, I’ll continue sharing my SharePoint tips and tricks. Classics like the HTML Calculated Column and the Easy Tabs will be back in 2010, but also expect some new scripts.

Looking back at my 2009 posts, I noticed that I only wrote twice about the Data View Web Part. It should make a big comeback in 2010.

I also plan to start a series about calculated columns, called “there is no IF”. Its purpose will be to suggest ways to write more elegant formulas, avoiding the heavy embedded IF functions.

Every 6 months, I promise more non-technical articles, oriented towards best practices or change management (along the lines of what Lee Reed is doing at Hopefully this will really kick off this year.

jQuery will certainly get its share of posts in 2010, but as before I’ll keep it for situations where it adds significant value (animations or AJAX calls for example, or reuse of plugins).

As I mentioned recently, I view blogs as an interactive place. So in addition to writing posts, an important part of my contribution is to try and answer the comments and e-mails they trigger. And to leave my own comments on others’ blogs.

SharePoint community

Besides my blog and the “Stump the Panel” forum, in 2010 I’ll be involved in SharePoint events. The first one will be SharePoint Saturday EMEA, an online conference scheduled on January 23rd.


Some initial posts, like the HTML Calculated Column and the Easy Tabs, have turned into products that require regular updates. A blog is not the best way to communicate on such content. I need to find a structure that is better adapted, and I am working on this. Path to SharePoint should become threefold: a blog, a resources center, and a SharePoint demo site. I am also considering starting a monthly newsletter that will serve as the glue between these areas.

Online services

In the second half of 2009, I started offering online workshops, in partnership with Mark Miller. I plan to expand my online activities in 2010, to offer consulting and other services.
This has been interpreted by some readers as a replacement for free content. It is absolutely not the case, and I hope the projects listed above are a good proof. The online activities actually replace the business I was previously doing offline.

So, stay tuned, and expect the first wave of 2010 posts very soon!

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  1. Thanks for all your contributions to the SharePoint community, Christophe. Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family!

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