How to get your SharePoint question answered?

Every month, my blog receives ~100 messages, and I get many more via e-mail. My goal is to answer each of them, but it’s not an easy task. Here is how I set my priorities.

1. Issues with my tutorials

I want to make sure that readers can easily use the advice I provide. So my top priority is to respond to issues reported on my blog (errors or usability). If a script or tutorial doesn’t work for you, leave a message in the comments section and you’re sure to be heard.
You can also contact me by e-mail, but blog comments take priority as they affect all readers. Use the e-mail in addition to comments if you need to provide details or screenshots.

2. Requests for enhancements

I am also very interested in suggestions to improve my articles and scripts. Here again, the comments are the main channel. Your request may be relayed by other readers, which will give it more weight.

Note: I have a number of enhancements in my to-do list, for the Easy Tabs and the image rotator. I’ll publish them in February, after I am done restructuring my sites.

3. Other questions

I also receive many questions that are not directly related to one of my posts. I’ll respond immediately if I can, but most of the time it requires some investigations, and I put your message on hold until I have a final answer (which sometimes means never…).
My suggestion in such cases: instead of sending me an e-mail, post your question on the Stump the Panel forum, and then PM me (username: Christophe). This way, you’ll get me to look at your issue AND you can get help from the fantastic STP community!

One precision: my blog and the STP forum target end users. Do not use them for server side questions!

7 thoughts on “How to get your SharePoint question answered?

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  2. This is a very simple question. Does anyone know why, in their infinite wisdom, that Microsoft did not include the regular old everyday calendar web part as a choice on “My Site”? The only calendar available to choose when adding a web part on “MySite”, is My Calendar which is the one in Outlook.

    To get around it, I created a page on Mysite, but this is hokey.

  3. Christophe

    I have a calendar which I am attempting to colour code according to the [Created By] field. Problem is [Created By] is not a filed allowed in calculated fields. Is there a workaround?

  4. I should also mention that for some quirky reason in our SharePoint installation, the [Me] tage results in an LDAP identity, not the name of the person as does the [Created By] field. Hence I just can’t create a text field with the default set to [Me] to get around this issue…

    • I think this is the expected behavior, [Me] gives you the LDAP identity. A workaround would be to create a workflow that copies the [Created By] field to a text field.

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