Looking for a Partner – Web Hosting

I am currently looking for a Web hosting provider I could partner with.

What I am looking for:
– SharePoint hosting for my demo sites (SP 2007 and SP 2010)
– Web hosting for my other sites (mainly blogs based on the Wordpress platform)

What I can offer:
– act as the SharePoint evangelist for the provider’s user community
– packages based on my creations, that will enhance the basic SharePoint offer

If you know anyone who could be interested please let me know!

2 thoughts on “Looking for a Partner – Web Hosting

  1. Hello SharePoint fan,

    I think we may be able to help.

    As the world’s largest SharePoint hosting provider, we have helped thousands of companies save money with hosted SharePoint and become more efficient.

    There is an excellent chance we will have a SharePoint 2010 offering for the global SharePoint community well in advance of public release in June.

    In addition, we are offering free migration services from MOSS 07 so SharePoint 2010 and currently have customers running SharePoint 2010 Beta to get ready for its final release.

    SharePoint hosting

    MOSS hosting

    SharePoint 2010 hosting

    Good hunting.


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