KPI roll-up: looking for feedback!

I am still hoping to get some comments on the KPI roll-up templates I provided last week. If you have tried them out, I’d be interested in your feedback, as this will help me for my presentation at the SharePoint Saturday EMEA event on January 23rd (yes, it’s in four days!). Feel free to leave a comment on the blog or contact me directly. Thanks!

One thought on “KPI roll-up: looking for feedback!

  1. Hi,

    has anybody found a solution to the issues commented in the previous blog on this?

    The webpart on the dashboard page shows BU1 & BU2 and their subsites.
    When I try the same thing on our site the webpart displays the root site as the first site everywhere..

    This was commented in two posts:

    Grateful for any help…

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