What are they doing at Path to SharePoint?

You haven’t seen any update to my scripts in a while, and you’re wondering what the hell this guy is doing… Well, let me explain.

First, for the sake of transparency, I have decided to communicate on my action items. From now on, you’ll be able to follow my work in progress through my SharePoint To Do list. Hopefully this will give you a better idea of the workload behind the upcoming releases.
My top priority is version 4 of the Easy Tabs Lite. Because this is the most popular of my scripts, and also because…I plan to use it on my own sites!

Besides this, and the time spent responding to blog comments and e-mails, a couple things have kept me busy in the past weeks.

First, I’m back from a week in Beijing, where I celebrated the Chinese New Year. Before this, I was involved (or should I say dragged by Mark Miller?) in two SharePoint conferences: SharePoint Saturday EMEA (follow this link for the recordings, and see my previous post for the slides) and the San Francisco SPTechcon (more details here).

In January, I worked with Mark Miller on my sessions for the Spring 2010 live online workshops. I recommend that you check them out, and register for the free webinars that will start this month.

In addition to this, I have spent a significant amount of time investigating two issues: copyrights for my site content and scripts upgrades to SharePoint 2010. I’ll dedicate specific posts to these two important topics.

I wish you a Happy Year of the Golden Tiger!