My scripts and SharePoint 2010 – Where I am at

Like many other SharePoint consultants, I don’t expect to see a lot of SharePoint 2010 migrations this year. The majority of companies that have invested in an Office 2007 deployment will choose to wait and see. Technical constraints (server requirements, integration with client side applications) will reinforce this behavior.

That said, sticking with SharePoint 2007 for now doesn’t mean that you should not prepare for the future. And I am receiving more and more inquiries from readers worried that my scripts may not work in SharePoint 2010. So here is where I stand today.

First, it is clear that several scripts will need an upgrade to work in the next version. They rely on the standard page layout, which has evolved in SharePoint 2010: HTML tables replaced with div elements, new CSS class names, different calendar structure, etc.

From my first investigations, I am confident that only minor tweaks will be needed for most scripts, like the Easy Tabs. However, I’ll only be able to confirm this when the final release is out. Most of my scripts are at the very end of the page rendering chain, and any upstream modification might affect them. My big handicap is that, as an independent consultant having no direct contact with Microsoft, I don’t have any special privileges like access to information before the public release. I’ll keep you updated as I continue my investigations.