Preview: new version of the Easy Tabs Lite

An update for the Easy Tabs Lite – version 4.0 alpha – should be ready in a week or so.

The new version will handle cases when a Web Part has no title (it will simply ignore it, instead of triggering an error in the current version). Also I have “widgetized” the script, which means that you won’t need to tweak the code anymore to get two Easy Tabs on a same page.

A couple options come with v4:
– Split (tabs spread across two rows)
– Display all/Expand all (make all the Web Parts visible)
– Autoplay: automatically switch to the next tab after a certain amount of time. This can be useful to build a simple slide show for example.

You can experiment with the Expand all and Autoplay (8 sec/tab) options on my home page:

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