Color coding: new formula generator, testers welcome!

I am working on a new formula generator for color coding calendars and lists, to replace the current one. If you are already using the HTML Calculated Column, I’d appreciate if you could give it a try and tell me how it goes.

You’ll find the new formula generator here:

The new form includes a color picker, which will allow you to choose among more than a hundred different color names supported by all major browsers.

I have updated the formula, and the rendering should be improved in calendar views. I am also including a fancy semi-transparent background. This is a risky exercise because of browser compatibility issues, so let me know if it doesn’t render as expected.

Known issue: if you choose to color the text, border and background, you’ll notice that the formula becomes quite heavy because the color calculation is repeated three times. The formula may even become too long for SharePoint, and you’ll get the following message:
The formula contains a syntax error or is not supported.
To address this issue, I am working on an option to store the color calculation in a separate field.

6 thoughts on “Color coding: new formula generator, testers welcome!

  1. Works fine indeed!

    Do happen to know of a way to filter calendar view based items with a dynamic variable in javascript?

  2. When I paste the ‘Color’ formula to the caculated field and save the column I get an error message “The formula contains a syntax error or is not supported. ”
    This are the columns and the formula I have created:
    BL Software Server Data
    WMS Software Server Data
    Other Software Server Data
    BL Business Process
    Red Ball Fin Close
    Scheduled Maintenance

    =IF([Category]=””,”White”,IF([Category]=”BL Software Server Data”,”Blue”,IF([Category]=”WMS Software Server Data”,”Gold”,IF([Category]=”Other Software Server Data”,”Aqua”,IF([Category]=”BL Business Process”,”DarkBlue”,IF([Category]=”Red Ball Fin Close”,”Red”,IF([Category]=”Scheduled Maintenance”,”Gray”,IF([Category]=”Other”,”Tomato”,””))))))))

    Can you tell what is wrong?

    • BTW, this is created by the ‘old’ formula generator on your site. When I use this new generator I get the same error when pasting and saving the formula to the calculated ‘Color’ field.

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