Image Rotator Lite, version 2.0 beta

After the Easy Tabs and color coding earlier this month, I am releasing today a new, beta version of the Image Rotator:

Lite means that it is written in plain JavaScript and doesn’t require any external library like jQuery. The “heavy” version, written with jQuery, allows some additional transition effects.

A key feature of this image rotator is that it takes advantage of the specificities of SharePoint libraries: instead of full size pictures, you can choose to load thumbnails or Web optimized pictures, for better performance.

What’s new in v2?

The main difference with version 1 is that you can now choose the view the rotator pulls the images from. It means that if you apply rules to a view (filtering, sorting), the rotator will follow them. See the context help in the form for details on how to select the view.

You can also choose between random and sequential for the images order.

The new version adds alt text to the images, a usability feature that was missing in version 1.

I have also included in the form a basic debugging option. If your rotator doesn’t work, include the debugging option, and (hopefully) you’ll get an error message that will help you troubleshoot the issue.

Why a copyright?

By including a license, I explicitly grant you the right to use the script without having to ask me first.

Why beta?

The new version has several new options, and testing all the variations on various browsers is time consuming. A beta version allows me to accelerate the release process and benefit from your input.
In particular, I haven’t done much on the styles (e.g. how to position the description). Feedback, ideas and sample stylesheets are welcome!
To report an issue, leave a comment below, or send an e-mail to
I have tested the script in IE7, IE8, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

 Will it work in SharePoint 2010?

It’s too soon to tell for sure, but I expect the image rotator to work in SP 2010. A couple adjustments may be needed.

No documentation?

The page is still under construction, and I’ll add more information in the weeks to come. For information on the options, hover over the help icons on the form.

How to get the script?

Go to the Image Rotator page, fill out the form, and click on the “Save to Disk” button. Once you have your script, you can add it to a SharePoint page via a Content Editor Web Part (preferred solution: upload the text file containing the script to a SharePoint library, then link to it from the CEWP).

– if you don’t have Flash 10 installed, you won’t see the “Save to Disk” button. In this case, just copy and paste the code displayed in the text area.
–  this image rotator only works in authenticated environments. I’ll publish soon another script for anonymous users.
– the picture library needs to be on the same domain as your Web page. If the picture library is on, you can display the Image Rotator on any page that belongs to, but not on for example.
– the view of your picture library needs to be a “view without folders”.
– keep in mind that this is a beta version, for evaluation purposes.

17 thoughts on “Image Rotator Lite, version 2.0 beta

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  2. If anyone comes up with a solution that makes the description column stack under the image, please share it here. Thank you.

  3. This is a great solution. Quick question though. Is there anyway that the hyperlink to the picture can be directed to the view of the image where you see the image and also the metadata. Right now by default it just shows the image itself. Thanks again.

  4. When someone clicks on the image and it opens it up full screen…can we have that open in another browser window? Or control that link to make it open the image in the library…so they’d see the meta data too?


  5. Christophe,

    Love the new toolkit.

    One question on the image rotator – is there an easy way to get it to dislay the Description below the image – when I choose to have it shown it always run out of the bottom right corner of the image.

    Thanks again for everything you provide to the user community!!

    • I’ve had problems with the site in the past two weeks, and I am working to move the toolkit to a new location. Sorry about that.
      This URL is still active, if it doesn’t work try again later.

  6. Christophe, how do you apply a CSS sheet to the Content Viewer Web part? Do you just paste the code inside the same Web part as the image rotator?

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