Live demo: SharePoint May 2010 events, color coded


Today I decided to test my color coding tool on Mark Miller’s excellent SharePoint Community Calendar. I borrowed a slice (the month of May) and applied my formulas: you can compare the original calendar with my color coded version.

In the beginning of next week, I’ll publish an updated version of the tool, and a step by step tutorial.

Note that the semi-transparent background effect will not work in older browsers, like Internet Explorer 6.

Quick tip: in SharePoint, each list comes with a RSS feed. If you want to be notified of new events, you can subscribe to the Community Calendar’s RSS feed. Big thanks to Mark Miller and Natasha Felshman for maintaining such a useful resource!

2 thoughts on “Live demo: SharePoint May 2010 events, color coded

  1. When i click on the the “my color coded version” link to view this calendar in IE8, i see all of the html markup. any idea why it would not be rendering correctly?

    • oops… I reset the page to write the tutorial, and later forgot to put the script back. Everything should work fine now, and I’ll publish the tutorial tomorrow.

      Dean, thanks for leaving a note.

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