Introducing the SharePoint User’s Toolkit

In the past few weeks, I have upgraded several of my scripts, and made them available here:
[09/14/2010: link updated to the new Toolkit location]

I am calling this central place the “SharePoint User’s Toolkit“. From now on, this is where I’ll publish my client side scripts and other enhancements to the standard SharePoint UI.

The SharePoint User’s Toolkit is still under construction. In particular I am working on adding more documentation. Also, expect to see ~10 more tools added in the 2-3 months to come. Behind the scene, I am going to migrate the site and have it hosted by my partner,, to guarantee availability and performance.

For now, my content mainly targets SharePoint 2007 users. Some scripts may work in SharePoint 2003, but you’ll have to check them out by yourself, and they might require some adjustments. Note that a couple scripts, like the Image Rotator, have been tested successfully in SharePoint 2010. After the official release I’ll add more information about SP 2010 compatibility, and when needed I’ll release adaptations specific to SP 2010.

If you have an issue with one of the scripts, or want to suggest enhancements, please send me an e-mail. I usually respond within 24 hours.

If you have a specific need that is not covered by the current free tools, check out the list of upcoming online workshops or register for a one-on-one session on the Path to SharePoint home page.

If you are a SharePoint consultant and would be interested in a custom copy of the SharePoint User’s Toolkit, feel free to contact me to start a collaboration!

5 thoughts on “Introducing the SharePoint User’s Toolkit

  1. Hi Christophe,
    I really like what you have done on the individual pages for each solution.
    Saw several enhancements to the OTB sharepoint forms:
    – add color picker
    – change color background for the calculation ‘input’ form field [jQuery I am guessing?]
    – autofill of the calculation field depending of selected buttons
    – add a ‘results’ area below the typical SP form
    – horizontal layout for choice buttons [SPServices?]
    – help icons with tool tips
    – top banner [noticed it is a little sticky, not sure if would help solve it or not?]
    Which solutions/codes did you use for each features?
    Thanks a lot,

    • Thanks for the feedback Greg. I’ll write a post to explain my customizations and give credit where it’s due.
      My pages have little to do with the OOTB forms, and SPServices wouldn’t help much here. They aren’t even real forms, as there is no communication with the server (even for the save button). They just look like the OOTB forms, simply because I reused the SharePoint stylesheets.
      I am using jQuery and plugins (some combined).
      The top banner has a slow motion on purpose (jQuery animate function). I have tried for years to get a pure fixed banner in SharePoint and have never succeeded. I tried your link and couldn’t make it work either. To follow up on this issue I started a topic on the STP forum:

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