Live demo: calendar with color coding and tooltip

This week, Mark Miller and I will be hosting our live online workshop series dedicated to calendars. Mark will start on Tuesday (“Create a SharePoint Master Calendar Solution“), and I’ll join him on Wednesday (“Add Color Coding and Tool Tips to Your SharePoint Calendars“) and Thursday (“SharePoint Calendar Resizing and Enhanced Views“).

To give you an idea of what you can expect on Wednesday, see this live demo that showcases two of the solutions I’ll be presenting (hover over an event to display the tooltip):

On Thursday, we’ll review several solutions to make the calendar month view user friendly:

  • Resize a month view
  • Switch from week view to month view in a snap
  • Display weekdays only
  • Hide start time for intraday events
  • Skip the “more items” button and display all events
  • Display a calendar from another site or site collection

All these solutions work on wss v3 and MOSS, and don’t require any server side installation.

Talk to you soon!

4 thoughts on “Live demo: calendar with color coding and tooltip

  1. Hi,

    This works fine in MOSS, but fails in SP 2010 😦 is there a fix for SP 2010?


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