Are the Easy Tabs security trimmed?

A question I received from Liz:

“I just downloaded your EasyTabs webpart and think it works great.  My question is: how does it work when you have different permissions on different webparts?  Is it security trimmed?”

Good question, and you definitely need to be clear about security implications when you start adding code to your Web pages.

What I explain in the online workshops is that customizations like the Easy Tabs (and most of my other scripts) simply add a presentation layer on top of existing SharePoint pages. As such:
– all the underlying SharePoint functionalities are maintained (in particular security and audience).
– the customization is non-destructive; if you decide to remove it later, you’ll be back to your initial SharePoint page.
– this approach follows a standard Web design pattern known as “progressive enhancement”. If for some reason the script cannot run in the browser, the user can still access the page content.

2 thoughts on “Are the Easy Tabs security trimmed?

  1. Thank you so much Christophe. This answers my question perfectly. I look forward to using more of your web parts.

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