Live demo: “Full Screen” tab

I am considering adding two new options to the Easy Tabs: Full Screen and Print. This is the result of ongoing discussions with Kerri Abraham.

The “Full Screen” option is similar to the usual overlay/lightbox solutions. Only my solution is lighter, and doesn’t require an external library like jQuery for example. Check out the live demo and let me know what you think!

The Print – or Printer Friendly – option is very similar to the Full Screen one, with maybe a couple additions:
– print job automatically launched on click, to print the current tab or all tabs.
– page break after each Web Part.

Let me know if you find these options interesting, and what in your opinion should be the expected behavior.

Update [June 18, 2010]: the live demo now displays a “Printer Friendly” tab. When you click on it, the tab is replaced with a “Back to Page” tab. If you select print preview in your browser, you’ll see a page break before each printed Web Part.

14 thoughts on “Live demo: “Full Screen” tab

  1. Christophe let me test the page break option, it was exactly what I was needing! Can’t wait to see the final version. I’m sure I’ll be delighted with whatever options you work into it. Really looking forward to it! Thanks Christophe as always!!

    • Thanks Mark 🙂

      Absolutely, it’ll soon be one of the options when you build your Easy Tabs. I initially saw this as a “full screen” button, but it actually seems to make more sense as a print option for two reasons:
      – based on the feedback, this is what people are looking for
      – I cannot guarantee that the Web Parts will remain fully functional when they are taken out of the page

      btw the script also works for individual Web Parts, so I’ll also release a standalone version.

  2. Including both ‘Expand All’ and ‘Printer Friendly’ is great choice. I’m already reeling with ways I can improve my pages using Easy Tabs Printer Friendly. Thanks!

  3. I just tried this out using Chrome and it worked fantastic. The only feature I don’t see is a collapse. If I expand all, then there isn’t a way to collapse the web parts. That may be something you have already thought about, but if not, that’s my 2 cents.

    Excellent work! 2 giant thumbs up!

    • Thanks for the feedback Matt! (and glad you used Chrome, as I hadn’t tested the code cross-browser yet).
      I could add a button that from “expand all” reverts to the previous active tab. But I didn’t feel it was needed, as you can easily do this by clicking on the tab itself. Let’s see if others have a similar request.

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  6. Looks good !
    Maybe one question.
    Would it be possible to have a text filter webpart connected to another webpart and have them both on the same tab ?


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