Update on the PathToSharePoint.com sites and e-mail

In the past few days, several of you have reported that they were not able to access http://www.pathtosharepoint.com . Let me explain the situation, and the steps I have taken to address the current issues.

There are actually several platforms behind the PathToSharePoint.com domain:

blog.pathtosharepoint.com is my blog, and has been hosted by WordPress.com for 2 years. WordPress.com is a great platform, and I plan to continue using it. I find it a perfect solution, for myself (anti-spam, SEO, tagging, dashboard) and my readers (RSS, subscription to posts and post comments).

http://www.pathtosharepoint.com and pathtosharepoint.com point to a SharePoint 2007 (wss v3) site. This site is hosted by WebHost4Life.
In 2009, this site worked perfectly. Things changed this year as their service went down and they migrated to a new platform. My site has been experiencing multiple outages in the past month, and has been consistently down in the past 4 days. I still have a tiny hope to get my site back up, despite the lack of dedication from the support (not even a status update in four days).

sp2010.pathtosharepoint.com is my new SharePoint 2010 (Foundation) site, sponsored by fpweb.net. I only started using it recently, but it’s been a great experience so far. The guys behind it, like Chris Schwab and Andrew Milsark, are active members of the SharePoint community, and this means a lot to me.

As WebHost4Life’ s service was deteriorating, this prompted me to accelerate the migration of my content to SP 2010. Since last week, all my solutions have been replicated in the new platform:
– New location for the SharePoint User’s Toolkit (announced in my previous post):
This includes the Easy Tabs, the Image Rotator, the Color Coded Calendar, etc.

– New location for the downloads:
This includes the HTML Calculated Column, the Color Coded Gantt, etc.

I have also started updating my blog posts, to make them point to the healthy location.

My SharePoint 2010 site is still under construction, and will eventually become the location http://www.pathtosharepoint.com points to.

As for my mailbox, it is also hosted by WebHost4Life. It was down for a couple days, and I also lost a couple e-mails in the recovery. If you sent me an e-mail in the past couple weeks and haven’t heard back from me, please resend it (and sorry for the disruption).

One thought on “Update on the PathToSharePoint.com sites and e-mail

  1. Hi Christophe! So good to know why I was having troubles getting to my favorite solutions, sorry to hear you were battling that. Just wanted to say that I love the new SP 2010 site! Very smart looking and easy to use.

    Thanks for your continued dedication to the community. As always, I sound like a broken record on that subject, but it is appreciated more than you know!

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