For all SharePoint end users: a Print Preview bookmarklet

Continuing the series started last week, I am releasing today a Print Preview bookmarklet:

The instructions are the same as for the expand/collapse bookmarklet, but instead of +/- buttons you’ll get a Print Preview icon next to each Web Part title. Click on the Print Preview icon , and the Web Part will be displayed alone in the page. Then if you click on the Back icon , you’ll get back to the SharePoint page.

Note that today’s bookmarklet is bigger than the one from last week, and will not work on older browsers like IE 6.

This is work in progress, and I am releasing it as version 0.9. I am interested in your suggestions on how to improve it.

The code is actually derived from the Easy Tabs’ Print Preview tab. I adapted it to work at the Web Part level instead of the Web Part zone level.

6 thoughts on “For all SharePoint end users: a Print Preview bookmarklet

  1. Sweet! Worked well on our SharePoint Foundation sites.

    The calendar in month view was a little narrow sort of squashing the days until you couldn’t see the event information but that may be an issue with Fioundations calendar and how it displays. I have run into several issues with how the calendar displays.

    Also, I powerpoint that was displayed on one of my pages was a little on the narrow side as well.

    Otherwise I didn’t see any problems on any of the sites I tried it on.

    Great work as usual!


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