If I could nominate a SharePoint MVP…oh wait, I can!

I am relatively new to the Microsoft world, and the MVP program has always been a mystery to me. Fortunately, Eric Ligman had the good idea to explain it all in a blog post published this week:
How to become a Microsoft MVP, find a Microsoft MVP, nominate a Microsoft MVP, and more

As I just lamented yesterday about the emphasis on IT professionals and .Net developers, this got me thinking. Yes, people who work on “User Managed Solutions” should also be represented in this prestigious circle.

I can think of a couple community members I’d like to see rewarded for their actions in the SharePoint End User community. But as a deep, technical knowledge is required for the MVP program, there is really one person who stands out. So I followed the instructions in this page and did my homework:

Nominee’s name: Marc D Anderson

Country where the nominee lives: U.S.A.

Nominee’s main spoken language: English

One or two Microsoft technologies or products that are the nominee’s area of expertise
SharePoint / SharePoint Designer

Specific examples of online/offline community activities in which the person you are nominating participates
Active participation in multiple SharePoint forums: MSDN SharePoint Design and Customization Forum , SharePointOverflow.com , Stump the Panel
Blog on SharePoint technologies http://sympmarc.com
Active Codeplex project, including regular updates and discussions: http://spservices.codeplex.com/
Speaker at SharePoint events (SharePoint Saturday DC, SharePoint Technology Conference).
Always makes himself available to answer questions via twitter or e-mail.

Marc, maybe I should have contacted you before writing this post, but hey, we have a 12 hour time difference and I didn’t want to wake you up ;-). Thank you for your amazing contribution to the SharePoint community!

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