Special offer: SharePoint 2007 Gantt workshop

I am still working on my new workshop series that I’ll launch in the beginning of next year. The workshop descriptions will be added under the workshops tab on http://sp2010.pathtosharepoint.com.

Some people have already contacted me several weeks ago about the Gantt solutions for SharePoint 2007. I understand that January 2011 is still far away, so if you are interested in this workshop here is my proposal:
– you register for a one hour one-on-one session
– we set up a meeting, based on our time zone
– I’ll provide my current solutions to address your immediate needs (typically the dynamic timescale)
– you’ll also get a free ticket to the January workshop, where you’ll get all the updated scripts (~10 solutions, for Gantt views and calendar views).

If you are interested, please register on my home page, and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours. Note that the solutions offered in this workshop are for SharePoint 2007 only (wss v3 and MOSS), and don’t apply to SharePoint 2010.

For a live demo of the dynamic Gantt timescale, visit this page:

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  1. This is a great site! It has been a wonderful help to me. I plan to start reading your posts more often. Thanks.

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