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User Managed Solutions Logo I’m back!

First, I’d like to apologize for the lack of recent updates. Moving three times in less than six months takes its toll. But now I have settled down in San Diego and I have no intention to move anymore!

My first action item was to post a hundred replies to the readers’ comments. Again, sorry for the delay, I hope they were still helpful. What I have yet to do is reply to people who contacted me by e-mail, and a computer crash last week didn’t help. Thanks for your patience…

Even without me, the blog remained active, and passed two milestones this month: two million pageviews and 5000 comments since I started in August 2008.

So, what’s coming next?

First, Trudy Hutzler is going to continue her school site series. Her articles were very well received, the readers are asking for more! Note that if you are not interested in education, everything Trudy describes can easily be translated to another context, for example team management or project management.

On my side, my priority will be to release the Easy Tabs v6. It should be more convenient than the previous versions, with several new features. The alpha version has been on display for a couple months on this page:

I’ll also release updates for other solutions, like the image rotator.

Based on the experience of the past three years, the blog format is not well adapted for sharing code. People who land on my blog after a Google or Bing search won’t necessarily find the last, up-to-date version. For this reason, I have moved most of my free solutions to the SharePoint User Toolkit. The blog will be more focused on news, tutorials, examples and demos. Occasionally, I’ll also use it to communicate on the activities of my company: SharePoint hosting, workshops, new solutions (all related to SharePoint of course).

Besides the blog, I also intend to stay active on the StackExchange SharePoint forum, twitterLinkedIn, Codeplex, and the San Diego SharePoint User Group.

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  1. Is it possible to add a counter to a Sharepoint 2007 site? I have a request from some departments wanting a counter on their Sharepoint sites. I used SharePoint Designer 2007 and it di not work.

  2. I did the image rotator on my site and love it. Thanks. I have a question I want to remove the default word “Library” on the left side bar to another term. Can I do that? and can I place the image rotator in the middle of the left page. I see I can with image web parts but not with content editor web parts.

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