A new location for the SharePoint User Toolkit

This week, the SharePoint User Toolkit has officially moved to its new home:


It is now located in my company site. The site is still under construction, but you’re welcome to visit the home page to read about our upcoming offering: solutions, coaching, Web design and SharePoint hosting. As you would expect, the home page right hand menu is a variation of the Easy Tabs.

In a future post, I’ll explain how I redirected the pages from my old SP 2007 to the new place in a snap!

One thought on “A new location for the SharePoint User Toolkit

  1. Thanks for keeping the SharePoint User Toolkit alive and bedded down in it’s new home Christophe.

    I can’t thank-you enough for your easy to use tools and well explained posts, I almost look good at work compared to the IT wallah’s who alwsys say; “No it can’t be done!”

    It can! Christophe has done it!

    Merry Xmas one and All


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