Tutorial: build a simple slideshow with the Easy Tabs

Environments: SharePoint 2007 (wss, MOSS), SharePoint 2010 (Foundation, MSS), Office 365

Audience: Power user.

Permission level: design or full control.

Estimated time: 10 minutes.

Last year, I added to the Easy Tabs an Autoplay feature. It seems that not many people use it, so today let me show you how it can help you build a simple slideshow.

1- Add your images to your SharePoint page

2- Add the Easy Tabs

3- Looking for fancier slides?

4- A warning about performance

1- Add images to your SharePoint page

Adding images to your SharePoint page is easy with Image Web Parts. Each Web Part will become a slide in our slideshow. The Web Part title will become a tab, so if you want to create an index simply use  a number – 1, 2, 3, etc. – as your Web Part title. Make sure you place all your Image Web Parts in the same Web Part zone.

Your images can reside anywhere, not necessarily in the same library, or on the same server, not even on SharePoint. Just make sure that your users have read permissions to the images location.

2- Add the Easy Tabs

The Easy Tabs are added at the bottom of the Web Part zone, following the usual procedure. For detailed instructions, check out the SharePoint User Toolkit. For our slideshow, we’ll check the “Autoplay” option and enter the interval in seconds between two slides.

3- Looking for fancier slides?

Maybe you’d like something more sophisticated than a simple image per slide? In this case, instead of an Image Web Part you can use a Content Editor Web Part or a Form Web Part, and enter your own html code.

For example, to show images with a caption overlay, follow this tutorial. If you need more detailed instructions let me know!

4- A warning about performance

Images can significantly impact the load time of your page.

If your images are stored in a SharePoint picture library, remember to take advantage of the Web friendly formats that SharePoint automatically generates for you.

If you have more than 5-10 images in your slideshow, you should consider using an Image Rotator instead. The image rotator will offer better performance, as the images are loaded on demand, one at a time.

8 thoughts on “Tutorial: build a simple slideshow with the Easy Tabs

  1. Thank you for Easy Tabs! This is the first time I am working with it, and I have a browser-specific issue in SP2010. When using Easy Tabs 5.0 with Text to HTML (for collapsed groupings), I find that not all ‘easy tabs’ interpret the HTML correctly in Safari 5.1.1 on Lion (OS X 10.7.2). In IE9 on Windows 7, the same page shows the HTML correctly on all tabs built with Easy Tabs. Is there something special that I need to do to get Text to HTML to work in Easy Tabs on Safari (for Mac)?

    • Thx for reporting the issue Tom. At this point I have no clue why it wouldn’t work on Safari. Note that I am not updating v5 anymore as I am taking a different route with v6.

  2. Hello Cristophe, I am using the image rotator solution for my company site. I was wondering if there was a way to implement the transparent overlay caption to the image rotator?

      • Hello Cristophe, you mentioned that it was possible to do the transparent overlay to the image rotator. There is another person trying to help me implement this solution. She tried adding a strip to the bottom of the slideshow. The problem she had was that she could not pin anything on the phrases (image rotator text) since they did not have an ID or class on them. Is it possible to get a little bit of direction on how would be the best way to approach this?

        Thank you!

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