No Easy Tabs v6 in 2012

This is not the most exciting post ever, but I had to write it for the sake of transparency.

In the past 6 months, I have been working on a new version of the Easy Tabs. I have also tried my best to answer the many requests I received in this blog or by e-mail.

In parallel, I have been working on the SharePoint User Toolkit, to clarify its purpose.

My conclusion is that the new version of the Tabs is becoming too complicated for the Toolkit.

I am not keeping the new version of the Tabs secret. It has actually been running on my site in the past few months, under various forms. I also shared an alpha version on LinkedIn some time ago. But the new features introduce several edge cases that I cannot afford to support for free, and that I believe cannot be left in the hands of users without detailed instructions.

Instead of publishing more complicated versions, my choice this year is to expand the scope of the Toolkit to provide more discovery options. This is the sense of the recent addition, Pie and Bar charts (Google connector). Expect a couple more in the coming months, like a RSS reader and a simple poll.

At the same time, I hope to open my services to a larger audience. I am currently working on a subscription service, an ambitious project that should offer better value than the current workshops and one-on-one sessions.

There will be a next version of the Easy Tabs, just not this year. The plan is now to release v6 for SharePoint vnext – just like v5 was released for SharePoint 2010. For now, the current version is robust and works well on both SP 2007 and SP 2010.

17 thoughts on “No Easy Tabs v6 in 2012

  1. Don’t feel obligated or apologetic… what you have already provided is above and beyond what most would do. I greatly appreciate all your work and generosity and have no problem with this decision. You’ve made my job easier and allowed me to deliver better solutions, and you never saw a dime for it. I can only thank you again. 🙂

  2. I agree with Erica and Nancy. You have done a tremendous job and do not need to apologize for anything. I love the current version of Easy Tabs and thank you for all of the hard word and effort you put in all of your tools.

  3. Your work is very much appreciated Christophe! I’m glad now your Toolkit is showing up high in my search results when I go looking for it. I think you are becoming famous. 😉


      • I tested also this vTAB by Ed from vialutions and I also think it is ok. Our purchase department will probably order one license for our SharePoint.

        @Christophe why do you think that this is infringement? There are really a lot of tab solutions online!

        • John, I’ll return the question: why would you want to purchase this tool when there are a lot of other tab solutions online, most of them free? Maybe when you answer this you’ll get my point…

  4. Christophe: no apologies necessary! I use what you have made available to date all the time and am thankful for it. Thanks for sharing what you have…

  5. I was testing the easy tabs on an iPAD and the tabs appear but the web parts are not displayed in the standard manner of using the same real estate. Instead the web parts are displayed on top of eachother like in the edit mode.

  6. Howdy Christophe,

    EasyTab has been a great solution on our WSS3 installation – and we are long overdue to upgrade, especially since IE 10 has started to break WSS3 – including EasyTab (using v2) – any idea of a simple fix? Still works great in Chrome, Firefox, IE8, etc.

    • Ian, the first step would be to upgrade to the latest version (v5). If you need more (for example compatibility with SP 2013), see my recent articles and the SPELL freemium offer.

      • Hej Christophe, thanks for the reply! I did figure out how to implement v5, works about 99% of the time – except for the frontpage where I had a list in newsletter view – then in Chrome and Firefox, the content was overlayed on top, regardless of which tab I had selected. I have changed the content to a wiki instead.

        Is there a simple way to tweak the code so that it pulls in the style formatting of the current template?

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