SPELL Tabs: commercial and free versions now available

This week, the SPELL framework is reaching version 1.0.0, and I am releasing the first component of this new version: the SPELL Tabs, successor of the Easy Tabs.

SPELL is not just about new or upgraded scripts, it also introduces a new way for end users to manage their solutions. In the past, the advertised, end-user friendly way to include solutions in a page was to link to code through a Content Editor Web Part. This is still an option in SPELL, but the default method is now to use… a Page Viewer Web Part! This offers end users a no-code experience, where each solution behaves like an “app” and comes with its own, client side edit menu.

Here is what the SPELL Tabs edit menu looks like:


The commercial version is distributed by User Managed Solutions LLC. SPELL is a tentacular program, so feel free to contact me with your questions or to schedule a call. For now, SPELL is still in “early adopter” mode, and the final blocks – shopping cart, forum, videos – will be added in the next 2 months (early adopters naturally benefit from an extended subscription period).

For those who are migrating to SharePoint 2013 and are just looking for a way to fix the broken Easy Tabs, I am also making an entry level version of the SPELL Tabs available at no charge. As you might expect, features, terms of use and support are limited compared to the full version. If you are a subscriber of the SPELL newsletter, you’re already familiar with it, as it is the evaluation version you’ve been playing with in the past few weeks!

16 thoughts on “SPELL Tabs: commercial and free versions now available

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  2. I currently use EasyTabs extensively on my SharePoint 2010 site and am getting a little concerned with what would happen if the organization moved to 2013 leaving me without this functionality. I am hoping to get out ahead of this before I continue building solutions based on EasyTabs. I use your fantastic EasyTabs solution with great success to build tabbed “work queue” like list views on pages to process items that are touched by different departments/people. Items move from tab to tab based on a simple status field on the list. I then simply define views that match the tabs (i.e. “new”, “assigned”, “closed”, etc.), insert a webpart on the page with each view defined and the title named appropriately and viola… it is easy to keep track of items housed in a single list by seeing different views of the list in different tabs… works great for so many things! Users (who do not traditionally use SharePoint) find it intuitive and never ask any questions. Thank you for bringing these solutions within reach of people like us.

    I sent an email to subscribe to the SPELL newsletter but have not heard anything yet. I am really looking forward to testing this.

  3. How do I buy this. I see a $99 version on the website, which I would be happy to pay for the full-version code, but I don’t see how to actually do this… thanks.

  4. e-mail sent to subscribe. We migrate to 2013 in a few weeks and I am desperately trying to find alternatives to Easy Tabs, so was really happy to find that you are offering a free version. I am checking my inbox every half hour I am so keen to get hold of SPELL…. will be asking the boss for the money to buy the full version once she’s seen my broken pages in the test environment miraculously fixed with tabs again.

  5. Thanks all for your interest in the SPELL Tabs!

    Processing the subscription usually takes a couple days, as I do it in batches to forward the previous issues of the newsletter.

    • I’m sure it was in a previous article 😉

      Just send me an e-mail at Christophe@UserManagedSolutions.com. You’ll receive the newsletters (next one scheduled in 2 weeks) and get access to the free samples (no questions asked). If in addition you want the gratis version of the SPELL Tabs, include your organization information in the e-mail.

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  7. I have not looked at SPELL yet but our SharePoint team has locked down so much I cannot add in anything except script in CEWP (as we do with your Easy Tabs). I think that means that no matter how much I WANT to use your new tool, I won’t be allowed to. 😦

    • On the contrary! My tools are meant for power users. The new tool can even work for organizations that have banned the Content Editor Web Part (from this angle, your current situation is not so bad…).

  8. Thanks @Christophe . I got your email with the zip file. I installed the SPELL code to replace the #EasyTabs code for my SharePoint 2013 site. Works perfectly and the instructions were simple too…

  9. Hi Christophe,

    we are currently facing the problem with EasyTabs not working for SP 2013. Please would you kindly advise how to get the version that works under 2013 ? I din’t find where to subscribe as suggested in the previous posts. Your help is gratefully appreciated.

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