A refresh for the tiniest SharePoint SOAP library

Audience: SharePoint geeks

An Easter egg in the multiple SharePoint-related solutions I released in the past 3 months: a rewrite of my tiny pocketSOAP library. If you are familiar with SPServices, pocketSOAP is a hundred times smaller while covering more SOAP calls. Plus, it doesn’t depend on jQuery! Of course, it doesn’t include all the bells and whistles that made SPServices so appealing for real-life scenarios, and is certainly not as performant. pocketSOAP is more of a “code golf” exercise. In these days of PnPjs and Microsoft Graph, I am not even sure if SOAP has any relevance anymore (although Jeff Teper mentioned in a recent meetup that the modern frameworks still don’t offer a 100% coverage of legacy features). For SharePoint geeks only 😊

Anyway, you’ll find the full, modern pocketSOAP code on PnP among those Github samples. Modern means that in 2022 we don’t need to support Internet Explorer or legacy Edge anymore in Microsoft 365, and that removed some more fat from the library. For the record, the samples are actually “sub-samples” and part of the Cherry-Picked Content Web Part solution, more on that in a couple days!

Here is a example of how to use pocketSOAP in your JavaScript code:

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