KPI roll-up: looking for feedback!

I am still hoping to get some comments on the KPI roll-up templates I provided last week. If you have tried them out, I’d be interested in your feedback, as this will help me for my presentation at the SharePoint Saturday EMEA event on January 23rd (yes, it’s in four days!). Feel free to leave a comment on […]

KPI roll-up in SharePoint (Part II)

After reading about the scenario and watching my live demo in part I, it is now time for you to try out KPI roll-ups for yourself. Note: You’ll need site owner permissions on your site collection to set up the demo.   I am providing all the templates needed to replicate my demo in the download section. […]

KPI roll-up in SharePoint (Part I)

Do teams in your organization need to report on the status of their projects or action items? Are managers and executives  looking for a way to aggregate and synthetize this information, to help them focus on key issues? On January 23rd, at the SharePoint Saturday EMEA event, I’ll present a session about “KPI roll-up in SharePoint 2007”. Last […]

Case study: KPI roll-up in MOSS (Part II)

In Part I, we created project dashboards at the team level. In Part II, we are going to use the Content Query Web Part (CQWP) and follow these steps to build our executive dashboard: 1/ Collect the project status for all teams in the division 2/ Filter the list to only keep critical projects 3/ Customize the look to render […]

Case study: KPI roll-up in MOSS (Part I)

Eric Proshuto is a Sr. Application Engineer for Siemens PLM Software, where he manages the intranet/extranet MOSS farm. He has been supporting SharePoint since early 2000 using SharePoint Team Services. A couple weeks ago, Eric posted a very useful tip on my blog. I have built a case study to show how to put it […]

My solutions spotted in the blogosphere

My solutions for SharePoint end users are regularly relayed on forums, twitter and SharePoint blogs. The past two months have been particularly active, and I have identified 15 posts that mention Path to SharePoint. I am listing them below, some of them are definitely worth a look. The SharePoint User Toolkit The SharePoint User Toolkit: a […]

HTML Calculated Column: solutions for SP 2010 (Part II)

This series assumes that you are familiar with the “HTML Calculated Column” . Part I: fallback to SP 2007 Part II: edit in SharePoint Designer In this part II, I am going to show a straightforward method that can be applied via SharePoint Designer. In SharePoint 2010, lists are rendered through a new component, the XSLT List View […]